About Us

Who we Are

A trusted name, a personal statement- Parisvally is a well reputed brand in perfumery. Having carved a niche winning customer favour the company steps into new further growth.

Having well received by our valued customers, and channel partners, we provide a the right mix of products i.e. EDP, EDT, Deodorant. Our upcoming product range oriental line perfumes is well awaited by our valued customers. Some of the well know brands are Unlimited , Serenade, Ragazzo, Dew, Nero, Foxy, Its Delicious etc

Business Overview

With a successful business approach from 2005, we have achieved several milestones, carving a niche in the market winning appreciation from our valued customers. Our collaborators scaled success with us and we look forward to expansion in coming years

Our Core competencies

Our core competencies developed due to hard work, vision and commitment and has helped us to lay the strong foundation for success. Our cutting edge competencies are our tools for future developments also.

Our Products

Value for money products- Our strong belief is to provide our valued consumers with a signature quality perfume at affordable prices, lasting fragrances resulting in personal statement- high quality and concentration of fragrances ensuring long lasting effect on skin and clothes. Parisvally products are ideal for personal use and for gifts.Our Products range consist of :-

  • French Line
  • Oriental Line
  • Deodorant

Founder's Message

Credibility of the company lies on the quality of its product and customer satisfaction.
Uncompromised quality of service will be the underlining of our company. The success of the company solely depends on a seamless alliance between vendor, management,distributor and most of important of all customer.
Finally,its only passion and well calibrated teamwork takes the company to the next level. All these essence are conceived and demonstrated in Parisvally!